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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 20, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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th 20 communities in 20 days, this morning, we are waking up in san mateo. it's perfect because we are celebrating the maker fair. wildly creative minds coming together with wildly creative inventions. we have it all for you this friday morning. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we know folks are looking forward to hearing more about the forecast. let's check in with christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura. you are looking fantastic out there. it's nice and mild in san mateo. 50 degrees right now. when you walk out the front door, an overcast sky. it's not going to rain. that is the marine layer. it's going to make for mostly cloudy conditions. the sun will be out. how warm it's expected to be today. if you are looking for the sunshine, we have that in the extended forecast for days. that's coming up.
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right now, 6:00 a.m., mike. it's getting busy out there. >> we have sunshine and cars for days. on t antioch, a slow down off the bridge. really hit hard over the last 15 minutes extending to loveridge. approaching the maze, no major issues. it's friday. late for the start. getting off the upper deck, i see slowing off 9th street. a live look at the toll plaza shows not a big back up. unusual flow on the city side. meanwhile, out to laura this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, mike. we have more news this morning including an effort to weed out a chronic problem that's happening in california schools. the oakland school district is working on a plan to try to stop
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truancy and school absenteeism. i want to check in with christie smith. she's got the details on the project. good morning. >> good morning to you. it makes you wonder where the kids are spending their weekdays if they are not in the classroom. studies showed that one in seven kids here in the oakland unified school district missed nearly a month of school last school year for a variety of reasons. the state school is saying even the best teacher in the world can't help students who aren't in class. chronic absence is defined as missing 10% of the school year, excused or not. it could be a number of reasons from being sick to not having a way to school or family problems and instability in housing. the most affected is west oakland, an economically distressed area. they are coming up with a game plan, an early warning system.
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principals are getting an alert for students not showing up and offering incentives to kids like parties for classes with the best attendance and trying to get big name companies to sponsor the cause. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. now, for a look at the rest of the day's news, we want to check in with marla tellez live in the studio. good morning. >> good morning, laura. an east bay city mourning the loss of two residents today. a candle light vigil will be held for anthony ramirez. the two men died earlier this week in several incidents. i's the first two homicides this year. they were both shot and killed. tonight's vigil starts at 7:00 at the corner of eighth and g street. san francisco police made an
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arrest in a four month old nightclub murder. police released video of an attack at temple nightclub. joseph hernandez was killed that night. they attacked a woman trying to stop the attack. they hope that arrest and the surveillance video will lead them to the person who murdered hernandez. a man accused of killing a puppy could get life in prison. if convicted, he faces 25 years to life because of four previous assault with a deadly weapon convicts. his wife says during an argument, he put their chihuahua in a bag and threw it across the room hitting a wall. her husband never meant to hurt the dog. >> his past continues to follow im. it's unfair.ojdeserve, you
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know, a second chance. >> ruiz ran from his home but later turned himself into police four days later. a high-ranking washington official calling for stricter regulations on the nation's gas pipelines by the end of summer. secretary of transportation ray lahood said he would work to develop new regulations that would close loopholes for utility companies that try to evade safety standards. he says his agency will impose the standards by the end of august. he stopped short of revealing what the new regulations would include. later on this morning, attorney general eric holder will meet with the san jose mayor and members of the gang prevention task force. they will talk about the antiviolence efforts as part of the youth violence prevention. afterwards, he will tour to san
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jose job core and meet with students to discuss gangs in violence and their communities. we are going to head to san mateo where laura joins us at the maker fair this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. we are going to have more from here in a bit. we are continuing to follow the scandal following former governor arnold schwarzenegger and his affair that came out most recently. it is now affecting his movie career. immaterial to check in with jennifer following that part of the story for us. good morning. >> reporter: hi, laura. the political pundits said they would suffer. hollywood has been more forgiving. now, we are getting word arnold schwarzenegger put his big film comeback, at least put it on hold. in a statement, he is focusing on personal matters.
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it has been a media whirlwind surrounding he and his wife maria shriver since word came he had an affair. maria shriver hired a divorce attorney. arnold schwarzenegger put his career on hold, they say you can't count him out yet. he's been signed on for movies that would pay big up front. "crime macho" is a $10 million paycheck. the divorce between arnold schwarzenegger and shriver could stand out in hollywood. costing between $200 million and $400 million. divorce attorneys say maria could expect to get up to $100,000 a month in spousal support and $40,000 a month in child support. it could be a lot on his plate. movie career is on hold for now. back to you.
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>> a lot of money but a lot of heart ache all around with that one. thank you very much. all right. we are outdoors this morning at the maker fair kicking off in san mateo. we are going to take you inside and show you some extraordinary things. this is one exhibit they have. it actually turns. it's like 400,000 pounds of weight they have. it's amazing. they have crafty things as well. i want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. we are not crafting anything unusual in the weather department, which is great news for you. a pleasant weekend on tap. if you need to get outside, you can do so. if you need to give your pg&e bill a break, you can do so with room temperature forecasted highs all weekend long. this is what we are looking at. we are going to see a bit of a difference from yesterday. yesterday, brilliant sunshine. today, a few more clouds on the way. the marine layer is pushing
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inland. you walk out the front door to cloudy conditions. 50 in livermore. 53 in concord. 52 in the city. if you are headed to the city for work, you will see the cloudy conditions at 8:00 a.m. we'll wrap up the numbers to 54 degrees at that time. by noon, we see a lot of clouds break apart. 64 degrees staying mild. by 4:00 p.m., the city, 69 degrees today. we are going to lose a lot of cloud cover. 71 degrees in san rafael. 75 degrees in san jose. the south bay will be the warmest because we don't usually see a lot of fog formation in the area. let's find out if the fog is interrupting your commute. mike. >> so far, so good. this is the area we typically see fog. so far, no problems. it's going to linger. the low clouds and an accident
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southbound 101 past the airport. southbound 101 past the sfo exit. reports of an accident. it's blocking the fast lane and the slow lane. the pick up truck is blocking the fast lane. a spin out. we are watching for slowing. so far, it's okay from 380 to 92. we are watching it carefully. south from there, a nice flow of traffic through the lower peninsula. northbound are the speed sensors. that's typically the busy route. the sharks are playing vancouver. looking for our first win. big crowds for the friday game as well. further up the bay bridge, no major problems at the toll plaza. hovering around the bridge are the clouds christine has been talking ability. we'll watch this as the sun comes up. it could make things brighter.
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we send it to laura. >> that's right. i'm waiting to warm things up as well. we are out here at the maker fair. showing you lots of different things. this is really the place for creative minds, celebrating them in the bay area. we are going to explain what these guys are up to this morning. it's not just to drink coca-cola.
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thank you! that's 5% cash back in bonus categories every three months. and an unlimited 1% everywhere else. activate your 5% cash back today at, or at your local chase branch. wewuñd 20 communities in 20 days. we are taking you across the bay area this morning. very fittingly so in san mateo. if you have never been here, it's a great event. you are going to zero bottoms and crafting of these guys. we are not just out here to wake up drinking a little diet coke. you have cool things with mentos.
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>> this weekend, we are going to set off a couple shows setting off 100 bottles all at once in a fountain show. we want to show you how it works. we'll do a finale with ten bottles or so. >> what's the deal with these? we have heard you can drop them in, but you have contraptions here. >> we want to show you how anybody can do it at home. the maker fair is about doing it yourself. >> ah-ha. >> you drop mentos into a bottle of coke and it goes crazy. take a piece of paper. roll it into a two-point big enough to hold mentos, put a business card on the bottom. take a handful of mentos, five or six will do, put them inside the tube. >> put them inside the tube. we are going to line it up here. y'all might want to step back a little bit. >> how far back? >> a few more feet.
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>> okay. three, two, 1. look at her go. wow. >> that's the simple way. >> that's a simple way to do it. all right. >> we news the nozzles that have mentos inside them. when you pull the pin, this is pvc, this is the bottle cap. you pull the pin, they come out the smaller hole and they come out higher. we thought you could try this one. >> i'm going to pull the pin and step out of the way. ready? oh. oh, my gosh. how fun. i love it. >> it's a very strange way to make a living, but we have a lot of fun. we have been doing this now for five years. we come to maker fair every year. >> this is what you do for a
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living? >> we drop mentos into coke. it's that simple. >> are you sponsored by mentos and coke? >> we do events for them. we took 108 bottles of coke zero and pushed me down the road 200 feet. you can see all our videos online. >> that's phenomenal. what is it with this combo? >> what you are looking for if you are trying to make an explosion is something bumpy. if you put your finger in a bottle of soda. the co sz 2 wants to go there. there's thousands and thousands of bumps on the mentos. when you drop them in, the co2 comes out. see the science behind mentos and coke zero. you have a bigger display. i see goggles out. i'm clearing out.
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>> if you come to maker fair this weekend, we'll do 108 bottles in two and a half minutes. we have nine bottles to show you what it looks like. >> a sample of their work. let's get out so we don't get too sticky this morning. one of the great things you are going to see. obviously, a whole lot of fun. >> whoa! they are brave out there with the goggles. look at this. nine bottles, coca-cola zero. what a way to wake up on a friday morning. look at that. who needs vegas. right on guys. >> nice job. >> chris and steve out here at the maker fair. just a sample of one of the cool, innovative things that make you feel like a kid again. i want to continue following the day's news with marla. top that one, honey. >> i know. a day in the life of a couple mad scientists.
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that's fun. 6:17 now. the man accused of recklessly starting the 2008 summit fire that burned 63 homes will face a jury trial. he had enough experience as a contractor to prevent the fire from happening. if convicted, he faces up to five years in prison. the search will continue for a napa vitner. he took off from nevada but never arrived at his destination in tracy. his plane lost altitude before going off the radar. the freakness is this weekend and a horse running has roots in the east bay. his trainer is from pleasanton. you can see the second leg here on nbc. it starts at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, 3:19 to be presize.
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now, it's 6:18. time to check the forecast with christina loren. looks good? >> we are looking phenomenal. we have nice weather on tap. especially when you put things in perspective. the showers came through. good air quality. if you want to get outside, enjoy the gorgeous weather, breathe in deeply. good air quality. it's not going to last long. the high pressure pushes the particulate matter in the atmosphere. the trend continues. staying nice this weekend, barbecue weather, golf weather. we are not expecting a lot of wind. high pressure is in control. the clouds are arcing up around the ridge. a trough starting to dig into northern california. we had rain chances earlier this week. forget about it. we have removed all rain chances. we are expecting cloudy conditions and a cooldown saturday and sunday from today.
6:20 am
overall, looking phenomenal. 53 right now. 54 in hayward. by 10:00 a.m., we are going to see the 60s in the east bay. by noon, we will be in the upper 60s. south bay, 69 degrees at noon. san jose turning over to 75 degrees later on. 72 for santa cruz. great beach day there. we have to deal with the low cloud cover for the first or the next three hours. the first part of the day. then the sun comes out and warms us up. i have to tell you, i saw you guys released inside the actual building there. you were like a couple kids at chuck e. cheese. >> could you see us running around? >> i did. >> all i know is i walk into this room and they say hey, see the guy in the cage? do you want to get in there? i'm like i don't think so. i don't know what's going on. >> they asked me to get into the cage. i saw what happened.
6:21 am
>> can i complain the safety briefing was short. we are going to move the cable farther away. >> the testing coils have an e lekty cal capacity of a half million volts. why am i standing here? >> let's show everyone what we are talking about? we have joe -- how are you doing, joe? from austin x texas. that's your brother john. >> he's in a cage that has been aluminumiz aluminumized. >> we have many controllers. very much elaborate scheme to get back at your younger brother. >> this is going to be awesome. this is the music controller. i'm going to let you do your thing. we're going to watch and ask questions along the way. >> cool. >> he's got his hands in his
6:22 am
pants. he doesn't want to touch anything. he's crossing his fingers. i hear the humming sound. what just happened? >> what i just did was set the voltage on my transformer after i turned on the kill switch and put the controller into test mode. >> it sent out 1 million volts combined? >> because of the theory, you are able to -- >> the cage equalizes the voltage and prevents him from being electrocuted. all i have to do is push this button. >> good luck, john. ♪ >> how come your brother isn't dancing? >> maybe the song, he's not
6:23 am
getting into it or something or it's early in the morning. >> hey, john, you have to dance. >> yeah. ♪ >> so, i'm going to try to explain it in layman's terms. each note and sound wave has a specific frequency. you are translating sound and electricity. >> yeah, we are using the electricity to vibrate the atmosphere to create pressure waves. the electricity is acting like a speaker. >> like a speaker. the computer tells me how long to play. how long does it take to figure this out? >> we have been doing it since 2005. it's getting better. >> beautiful. >> wow. >> how much do you have to pay
6:24 am
people -- nice job, john. >> how much do you have to pay people to not touch the cage. >> it's free to get in the cage, but $10 to get out. >> laura, you are going to get into the cage? >> i'm not going anywhere. it's bad enough i milked a wild cow yesterday. >> this is nothing. archite is their website. they are out of austin, texas. what they do is cool. >> very, very cool. a lot more coming up. stick around.
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>>1 coming up on 6:27. an update on this southbound 101 past sfo. two lanes reported blocking the southbound direction. the car on the shoulder cleared. there's a fuel spill approaching the area. be careful. more crews to arrive on scene. slow south of 380 now. heading up into the city, no major problems. southbound is smooth on the lower bay shore. a live shot over the bridge. the bay bridge, low clouds around the area. we see no major back up. it's friday light or a later start. back to you. >> thank you, mike.
6:28 am
a busy stretch near 280 near at&t park could be demolished. they say it would be dangerous for cars to cross the tracks. officials say it would cause problems for muni and cut off mission bay. 6:27, a very busy day for linked in. scott mcgrew joins us live from the maker fair. good morning, scott. >> good morning to you. come out to maker fair this weekend. all kind of cool art. this is home by michael christian. it is fantastic stuff to see. it's very burning manesque. we'll talk more about maker fair in a bit. you're right, second day of linked in. when we closed the markets yesterday, we were at $94.25.
6:29 am
109% increase from the official public offering. the ceo and the founder are there. by mikhail cy calculations they billions of dollars. a lot of people are not invested in linked in for the long term. will they sell or will the price go up? if you bought apple a year ago, you have a 40% increase for the year. a very nice return. part of it is because of all documentary, it is ao,wy experience. they did brain scans and apple f fandom is like being in a religion. mateo is from california. he won the google doodle contest this year. he beat out 107,000 other submissions. he's a local hometown kid. >> i love it. >> he's displayed on google
6:30 am
today. >> all day. >> it will be at the whitney museum as well. cool congratulations. >> i think it's a cool honor. >> very good. >> good for mateowell. a lot of creative minds will come out of the maker fair. >> it's extraordinary. it's great for little kids, big kids, moms, dads. >> a little while ago, you saw architect. íésn
6:31 am
6:32 am
20 communities in 20 days. we are waking up in beautiful san mateo. this weekend is the makers fair. they are still setting up for it out here. it's a place where wildly creative minds can come out and
6:33 am
display their inventions. it should be a gorgeous weekend across the bay area. >> no wild weather this weekend after the wild weather we had late may. we are not used to the precipitation we picked up. we are going to dry out. continue to do so throughout the weekend. it's mild out there. you might not need a jacket. in hayward, 55. sunnyvale, 55. we are headed toward the 70s. first, 6:33. how is it looking? >> good morning, christina. livermore showing a heavier on at the bay bridge toll plaza. the accident on the peninsula as well. this friday late build. it's building up through the
6:34 am
east bay. we send it over to laura on the peninsula. >> that's right. we are continuing to follow news across the bay area including a big problem for california good b oakland school district is monitoring the statistics they are finding are sobering. i want to check in with christie smith live with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. when you look at this, it makes during a school day. they get an extra month of summer when you look at the numbers. last year, more than 5,000 students missed nearly a month of school for illness or they couldn't finds a way to school, instability in housing. the oakland unified school district is the first in the state to actively monitor chronic absenteeism. they have a plan to attack it. it's not just in oakland, it's across the state. the problem is, so far, there's
6:35 am
no clear picture of absenteeism because school officials in california aren't required to keep tabs on chronic absenteeism. chronic is defined as missing 10% of the school year, whether it's excused or not. the oakland school district developed an early warning system to try to tackle this. for instance, principals are getting notice when kids aren't in class repeatedly. they are doing things like offering parties to classes with the best attendance and doing bike raffles for kids with ÷matesabse absences aren't just about kids, but they are costly. oakland is losing more than $1 million a year in state funding because of the absenteeism. christy smith, today in the bay. >> they are losing money and the kids are losing out on education as well. thank you very much. we continue to follow the rest of the day's news. we want to check in with marla.
6:36 am
good morning. bíd3" 6:35. oakland police are not saying much about an oakland police that ended with two people dead. police say wednesday night they received information that a violent crime was going to happen on kern avenue. when officers arrived, they found three men sitting in a parked car. they tried to question the then. all three were shot during the confrontation. two later died. there's no court session today for the trial of the killing of chauncey bailey. after the closing arguments, the case is in the hands of the jury. lawyers gave their closing édem(
6:37 am
the prosecution's key witness. he says bay ordered him to kill three men including bailey. a north bay man is missing. he took off from nevada wednesday afternoon, headed for a private airstrip on the family property in tracy. he never made it. brown was the only person on the plane. a search for brown and his plane will continue this morning where his plane was shown quickly losing altitude before going off the radar. >> it scares me most that he's alive and can't do anything. you know, is he under the snow? is he under a tree? >> brown lives in gardnerville, nevada but owns two wineries in california. the winery donates a portion of proceeds to breast cancer research. he took up the cause after hi wife died from
6:38 am
e cancer five him cha accidentally starting the 2008 summit fire. a judge says there's enough evidence to try him on charges he recklessly started the fire. he was clearing property and burning debris. he didn't put out the embers and that sparked a summit fire. the flames burned homes, 69 buildings and 4900 acres in santa clara and santa cruz counties. it took five days to put out. 6:38. we are going to the maker fair in san mateo. you are getting sprayed with coke zero this morning. >> i'm trying to stay away from the mentos and diet coke guys. it's really, really fun here. i have never been here before. they are still setting up. it's going to be a great weekend across the area. finally, nice temperatures. let's check in with christina
6:39 am
loren. >> good morning to you. temperatures out there. it's mild. great golf weekend. we are going to see a few more clouds this afternoon. this weekend staying nice and comfortable. barbecue weekend. something else, another reason to make the outdoor plans. yeah, we are in the low to medium range. we are going to stay there all weekend long. looking pretty good in terms of air quality as well. we have good air quality if you want to take a job later. breathe it in. breathe it in. 69 degrees in san francisco. later on today, 73 in redwood city. 70 degrees in oakland. we are going to continue to see nice weather over the course of your weekend. if you are headed out to the big game, we have that forecast on the way as well. take a look at your numbers as well. 70s, down right pleasant. this is a nice time to be in the area. >> mike. >> let's go to the peninsula.
6:40 am
the accident south of the ç; äo roadway. property damage, only. the pick-up needs to be towed from the scene. slowing from 380 past the sfo exit then heading down the peninsula. we are looking at the vicinity. 280 is a good alternative for you. not a lot of slowing. a friday light. getting into or out of the city is an issue. the as play the san francisco giants this evening. a lot of traffic around at&t park. the metering lights are turned 8 a a quicker p
6:41 am
coming up. look wi look th laur. welcome. >>8-ioítiful
6:42 am
6:43 am
this morning, our may around the bay tour continues and we are waking up in san mateo. perfectly timed because it is the maker fair happening this weekend. bob redell joins me live out here. you talked to some makers and
6:44 am
the force is with them. >> the force is very strong with them. good morning to you, laura. it's a group of makers. it's a club in the bay area. their purpose is to recreate the most famous robot in the galaxy. hold on. we're not that far away. we are up the road in american canyon inside the home of chris james and his r2d2 workshop. i just realized. i don't have a microphone for you. r2, can you help me out? thank you. thank you. good throw. how you doing? >> good, thanks. >> this is -- >> this is my r2d2 i have been working on. >> he's kind of from scratch.
6:45 am
>> want me to pull the wires out? >> yeah. this is a drawer slide. >> okay. >> a motor. hoists himself up. this is a lazy susan. big fancy restaurants, at the tablings, it's the exact same thing. one of the things people ask a lot is does he have a projector. >> you're my only hope. >> i came up with this. >> help me, you are my only hope. >> that was creepy. where does this fascination come from? >> i have always loved "star wars." i'm a maker at heart. i think of new things. this was the ultimate thing. one of the ultimate things to build. >> chris james and his r2d2s are
6:46 am
going to be out here. if you want more information go online. you can see some of their creations and get involved. we have the spelling up on the screen because it's not your typical spelling. we are back out here. we have two coils in the center. they produce 1 million volts and send it to the cage. the guys who run it have invited us to go in the cage. >> really? how fun. >> yesterday, you got to do wild cow milking which was dangerous. i did steer wrestling. let's rock, paper, sis sor to see who goes in the cage. >> three, two, one.
6:47 am
no! no! let's do it again. i meant scissors. i'll go in the cage. >> i'm going to have my moment of zen. >> we'll make sure he's safe out there. we are continuing to follow the days news. we check in with marla. >> good morning to you. it's 6:46. barry bonds trial hearing has been postponed. his lawyers and prosecutors agreed to delay the hearing until mid june. they have not said if they will retry bonds. the jury was able to convict him on three counts of lying. they will try to convince the judge to dismiss the one charge bonds was convicted on, it's obstruction of justice. university of california law professor was nominated by president obama for a spot on the ninth ser cut court of
6:48 am
appeals. republicans mustered enough votes to keep the final vote from happening. the block was president obama's first senate defeat of a judicial nominee. time to get a look at the weekend's forecast. looking good. >> good morning, marla. good morning to you at home. watch for the fog. it's creeping in. mostly cloudy conditions over the area. it's not going to last long. we don't have rain in the forecast for the weekend. that's the best news for this morning. 52 degrees in concord. 55 in hayward. it's more mild in the north bay and around the peninsula. you want to take it easy up in santa rosa and napa. less than a half mile of visibility in some spots. this is what we are expecting by 8:00 a.m. 54 degrees, mostly cloudy. take a look at what happens by noon. we see a lot of the cloud cover break apart.
6:49 am
64 degrees mild. by 4:00 p.m., a lot of sunshine over the bay. 69 degrees in the city. breezy conditions elsewhere. we are talking the upper 70s in some cases. 77 degrees in concord. 75 in fremont. 75 degrees in san jose. the south bay probably the warmest. we don't see as much fog down there. san francisco, if you are headed to the big game tonight, our boys are back in town taking on the as at 7:15. it will be on the cool side. bring a jacket with you. overall, we are looking good for the big game. the seven day outlook shows you we are nice and mild through the weekend. laura, make the outdoor plans. you are indoors. what do you have for us? >> we have a lot for you, celebrating the maker fair. bob redell, he lost the bet. he's in the cage. a bunch of volts going to go through there. >> i'm really excited about this. joe is next to you, john.
6:50 am
they are from austin, texas. the singing tesla coils. they each produce 500,000 volts of electricity. combined, it's 1 million. i need to know what scientific law of nature guarantees i'm not going to get electrocuted of hurt. >> it's a cage that was developed. there's a lot of magnetic concepts. >> he's a smart guy. >> it's very solid, yes. >> the beauty of what they have set up is they can get it to play music. they are doing a 30-second song. i just have to stand here and not touch the cage, right? >> can i take control here? >> that is a good idea. i have something you can do, too. why don't you join me. >> we're ready. are you ready, bob?
6:51 am
>> whatever. ♪ >> bob redell. i love how he's standing in there. he's going to shield himself from that. i hope he has insurance. still to come, fipd out where we are taking may around the bay on monday. plus, a ceo stands by his clowne r bhtwiigk acth r that. 6:51, stay with us.
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welcome back. it's 6:54 on the button. look at the number on the bottom of the screen, then this. 101, the chopper just saw the crews move the car from the scene. chp arrived. two lanes are still blocked. there's still slowing. the car involved here as well as the fuel spill. 280 is an alternate for you. stick it out from 380 to the airport. the metering lights are on. no back up. it's friday light for the most part. we send it to you and a clown. >> good morning, everyone. this guy's ceo, mcdonald's ceo
6:55 am
says ronald mcdonald isn't going anywhere. talling for the clown's retirement. medical professionals says the mascot encourages kids to not eat healthy. the ceo spoke to company shareholde shareholders. they have flooded his office asking for the right to child abuse. it is gadget friday. a perfect time to beout at the maker fair. it's where scott mcgrew joins us live. you are live now. can you hear me. >> safety. >> we can hear you. can you hear us? >> we are going over last minute safety things. there's make magazine that comes out every three months. that's what this is about. you can make stuff. i made this with a friend. this is an air rocket. what we are going to do, i bought all the stuff at home depot. there's nothing here that is
6:56 am
special. this is a sprinkler valve. we are at 40 -- >> i'm going to pump you up. >> yes. now we walk over to the trigger, just a battery operated piece of pvc pipe. >> you want to pick it up? >> yeah. press that button. three, two, one. oh! tweet! >> nobody can see it. there's no chance to get it on tv. it's on the roof. we got what, 400 feet on that. >> very cool. you can make it at home. do it yourself. there you go. gadget friday. >> a lot of fun. all right. we have to find out where we are headed. on monday morning, we take our travels throughout the bay area. wow. what a crazy day. kung fu panda is here as well. a little bit of everything. celebrating the movie, is coming
6:57 am
out next week. let's see, i think we could be in redwood city, too. nice kung fu panda. wow. a little bit of everything. gotta love it. we have to find out where we are headed on monday. we have the map set up here. >> we've steve and fritz. we could take a boulder and have it smash on the map. >> or shoot a rocket into it? >> or the harder route and have stephen there with his mentos and coke. >> wherever it explozs is where we are going. >> there she blows. we are going to, come here. we are going to santa clara on monld. >> whoa. that's going to be a lot of fun. >> i don't know what we are doing. we have to figure it out. >> we have the whole weekend to figure it out. come out to the maker fair.
6:58 am
it's been so much fun. have a great weekend. thanks for joining us. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civ the next-generation civic. only from honda. [ magical chime ] ♪ [ people cheering ] [ girl ] whoo hoo!
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